Time Served: Justice for Shaken Baby?

Shirley Ree Smith

Shirley Ree Smith’s long court battle has finally come to an end.  She spent over 8 years in prison for shaking her grandchild which resulted in his death.  The strange thing is, this article shows that there was definitely reasonable doubt over not only whether she did it, but also whether the baby’s death was caused by shaking at all.

Smith had no prior criminal record and has not committed any criminal acts since her release from prison in 2008.  Now, of course, the vast majority of people who commit a crime will not recidivate or commit another crime, but I cannot help but consider 8 years in prison to be a miscarriage of justice when we do not even know the cause of little Etzel’s death.  Agree or Disagree?

More details on this case found here.

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