Billings Baby Doing Well

The baby boy who was abandoned in a Billings hospital bathroom is doing well.  He is now 6-months-old and has been adopted by a loving family.  He was actually the first baby in the state’s history to be legally given up under the 11-year-old Safe Haven laws in Montana.

I was surprised to read in this article that the state does not mandate that parents give infants to a person at Safe Haven locations.  So, leaving this child in the hospital bathroom was just fine.  Pardon the opinion, but that seems ridiculous to me.  What if this baby was left somewhere at which he was not found for hours?  OR what if he was found by a non-staff member who wished to harm him?  Not smart.

This article continues with some arguments against Safe Haven laws which I found to be quite entertaining, but also ridiculous.  I have read more stories about infant abandonment than any one person should and I can say with certainty that Safe Haven is necessary and it saves lives.

Article found here.

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