Age Limits for Safe Haven Laws

I very much enjoyed this article.

It appears to be written from a younger perspective, which I like.  I wish more young people who write about Safe Haven Laws.  It is a good form of peer pressure since most parents who abandon newborns are teens.  All it takes to spread the word so fewer babies die is to get people talking about it.

One part that the author got a bit wrong was the age limits for the laws.  Although it may be possible that the mother in the article attempted to kill her newborn because she believed she had no other options (the child was over the age limit for the state), she actually did.  I think the age limits were set up to urge parents to make a choice quickly.  This way the child is not at risk for abuse and the parent does not bond with the child too much, which makes the process even more painful.  Yet, even after a child reaches the age limit, they will not be turned down by a safe haven.  As long as the parent follows the spirit of the law, they will not be prosecuted.  There are always options.

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